Polaris Slingshot Wheel Light For Big Brake Kits (Motion Wheel Light Kit)


Slingshot Wheel Lights | Polaris Slingshot Wheel Light Kit | Motion Wheel Light Kit


Whats Included

  • 3 Mounting rings and brackets (Big Brake Kit)
  • 3 Double Row Motion LED Strips (Big Brake Kit)
  • Bluetooth Controller
  • Free App download instructions
  • Installation Instructions

Additional Info

***This Kit is for Oversized Rotors Only (Big Brake Kit)***

This product is designed to work with a aftermarket fuse block which should be installed near the hood latch on the driver side.  Wires can not be cut nor extended!!  If you do not have an aftermarket fuse block in this location you will have to run power wires from the battery to this area.  


1 year replacement warranty, excludes any physical damage


When in Stock, usually ships within 1-2 days

Slingshot Wheel Lights | Polaris Slingshot Wheel Light Kit | Motion Wheel Light Kit


In stock

Brake Switch Upgrade *



Ridinfresh’s Polaris Slingshot Wheel Light Kit  (For Big Brake Kits)

Wheel lights are a great way to illuminate the inner barrel of your wheels!  It not only provides increased visibility to drivers around you but also gives you a custom look.  We refer to our Polaris Slingshot Wheel Light Kit as the Motion Wheel Light Kit because the lights illuminate as if they are moving.  Our Slingshot Wheel Light Kit is a direct bolt on!

****Recommended Wheel Size is 20inch wheels or larger 



Our Motion Wheel Light Kit comes with a Bluetooth controller and is user friendly.  After installing the wheel light kit, download the free app, turn on your Bluetooth and use the app to control the lights.


Color Wheel

The color wheel allows you to select a solid color for the wheel lights.  Simply slide the small circle around the color wheel to the desired color.  For example, in the picture to the left, the selected color is orange/amber.  Below the color wheel are preset colors such as off white, red, green, blue, and white.


Speed and Brightness

When the slingshot wheel lights are in motion, you can adjust the speed by tapping the arrows.  Adjust the brightness of the lights in the same manner by using the left and right icons for brightness.



 200 Light Combinations

With 200 different light combinations to choose from, we are positive our Polaris Slingshot Wheel Light kit will turn heads!  Choose from the drop-down menu to select the desired mode or hit the next arrow.  There is also a “auto” option in the drop-down menu, once selected the wheel lights will cycle through varies modes on its own.  Please watch the videos below for a visual illustration of the Motion Wheel Light Kit in action!  In the video the Slingshots have the same exact Motion Wheel Lights and includes ALL the different colors you see.

Brake Light Input Function

A unique feature that is not currently found on any other Polaris Slingshot Wheel Light Kit is that our kit allows you to integrate a input from the brakes.  When you press the brakes ALL 3 wheel lights turn RED together! If you would like to incorporate this feature your brake switch will need to be upgraded.  Select Brake switch Upgrade to include the necessary parts in your order.


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Polaris Slingshot Wheel Light Kit