H7 HID Conversion Kit



 Whats Included


(2) Digital AC Super Slim Ballast

           -ballast operates at 9-16V, 35 watts

(2) H7 Bulbs, 6K, 8K, 10K (your choice)


Lifetime Warranty on ALL PARTS


Our HID Conversion Kit is a plug and play kit.  


HID Ordering Checklist

  1. Determine correct bulb needed for your vehicle
  2. Determine if your vehicle computer indicates a “bulb out” alert on the dash by removing a headlight bulb


Yes, I received a “bulb out” alert

Order the “Can-bus Ballast”



No, I didn’t receive a “bulb out” alert

Order the “Regular Ballast”


 BMW/ BENZ/ AUDI/ VW…. CHRYSLER/ DODGE/ JEEP will need the “Can-bus” type of ballast





Ballast Selection *

HID Ordering Checklist *

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