H16 HID Conversion Kit



 Whats Included


(2) Digital AC Super Slim Ballast

           -ballast operates at 9-16V, 35 watts

(2) H16 Bulbs, 6K, 8K, 10K (your choice)


Lifetime Warranty on ALL PARTS


Our HID Conversion Kit is a plug and play kit.  


HID Ordering Checklist

  1. Determine correct bulb needed for your vehicle
  2. Determine if your vehicle computer indicates a “bulb out” alert on the dash by removing a headlight bulb


Yes, I received a “bulb out” alert

Order the “Can-bus Ballast”



No, I didn’t receive a “bulb out” alert

Order the “Regular Ballast”


 BMW/ BENZ/ AUDI/ VW…. CHRYSLER/ DODGE/ JEEP will need the “Can-bus” type of ballast





Ballast Selection *

HID Ordering Checklist *

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Ridinfresh H16 HID Conversion Kit

  • Lifetime Warranty (Bulbs and Ballast)
  • Plug and Play

HID stands for High Intensity Discharge. HID Conversions are simply replacing your factory lighting to HID lighting with a conversion kit. The benefits of having a HID lighting system on your vehicle are better visibility and higher performance lighting. A HID Conversion Kit will completely replace your vehicles current lighting system, adding up to 3 times more light output when compared to standard halogen bulbs! H16 HID Conversion Kit will provide wider road coverage of up to 70% more of the road in front of you, which will allow you to see better at night!


Our H16 HID Conversion Kit allows you to upgrade your halogen headlights to HID. You can use this for your HIGH or Low beam as long as your headlight uses the same bulb. This means that your vehicle headlight uses a H16 bulb for the LOW or HIGH beam.


Upgrading your halogen headlights with our H16 HID Conversion Kit will give you both style and effective lighting.



H16 HID Conversion Kit


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Other commonly used words for HID Kits:

-Xenon Conversion Kit

-HID Conversion Kit

-Xenon HID

-HID Xenon Kit