Frequently Asked Questions


Ridinfresh is Atlanta’s Premier Mobile Service Company!!!


Where are you located?

Answer- We are located in Chamblee Georgia

Do I need to make an appointment?

Answer- Yes, an appointment is REQUIRED along with a deposit for service.



Do you stock carpet for my vehicle?

Answer- No, replacement carpet kits are made to order and take approximately 3 days.

How long does it take to install carpet?

Answer- Installation varies depending on the size of the vehicle and what needs to be done

Can I select a darker color for my new carpet?

Answer- Yes, we have a color chart that you can choose from.


Auto Window Tint

How long should I wait before I roll down my windows?

Answer- Its best to wait at least 3 or more days depending on the time of the year. Colder climates will need longer setup time.

I see small blister like spots all over my newly tinted window, is this normal?

Answer- This is the normal drying process of the window film. They are tiny pockets of water solution that will evaporate within a day or two.

My windows are tinted can you add tint on top of it?

Answer- We do not tint on top of tinted windows, this will void the warranty coverage.


Headliner Repair/ Replacement

My headliner is sagging only in one area, can you glue it back up?

Answer- The headliner fabric must be completely removed and all new fabric installed

Do you sell headliner fabric?

Answer- Yes, please contact us on how you can order headliner fabric

This is my first time doing a headliner, what is involved in fixing my headliner?

Answer- The entire headliner board is removed from the vehicle, the old material is taken off and all new fabric is installed on the board. The headliner board is installed back into vehicle.

How do you match up my headliner color?

Answer- Due to rising gas prices we ask our clients to send a cut sample of 1-2 inches of there headliner so we can match it to our color chart.


HID Conversion Kits

What is a bi-xenon HID Conversion Kit?

Answer- This gives you the HIGH and LOW beam in one bulb setup. Bi-xenon can be used on vehicles that use the same bulb for the HIGH and LOW beam.

What color bulbs do you offer?

Answer- We currently offer 6k, 8k, and 10k